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Best pediatric dentist ever. Dr. Pettinato is always cheerful and professional. My son is always excited to go to the dentist. My son had a very small cavity forming. Dr. Pettinato explained what could happen if it wasn’t fixed but he also said it was a baby tooth that wasn’t going to be there much longer and recommended it to fall out instead of spending money at this stage. I really appreciate the fact that they are not money hungry and honest.
-Martha R.

I’d recommend all my family and friends. They did everything in their power to get my daughter an appointment. They put me on a cancelation list to be called if there happened to be an available opening. I got a call within a couple of days. Dr. Pettinato is soo kind and sweet that my daughter loved her. We both loved the office and the decorations, everyone was friendly and had a smile on.
-Kyzbel M.

When we visit any of the Pettinatos’ offices we always have a great experience. My children have been seen by both of the daughters as well as Dr. Frank and never had a problem. My 4 year old actually said “I love this place!”
-Samantha G.

I have been taking my son to see Dr. Pettinato for years. I drive many miles out of my way in order for my son to be Dr. Pettinatos patient. I told them that they’re work is excellent and I wished I could have them for my personal dentist too! J
-Barbara H.

Love this dentist office!! We moved to Tampa in 1996 and we’ve been seeing Dr. Pettinato since then. I must say he and his family are truly the greatest. Even if my insurance changed and they didn’t accept it, I would still take my children to been seen paying out of pocket. They are wonderful with children of any age.
-Roberta R.

Our daughter had a blast! The office is so clean and colorful. Their staff was amazing, very friendly and personable. She loved the assistant. Our questions got detailed and clear answers along with excellent suggestions. We are more than satisfied with our daughters’ dental experience.
-Kelly H.

Fun at the dentist! Dr. Pettinatos’ offices are very clean, warm and inviting to children. After our first appointment, my two boys couldn’t stop talking about how much “fun” the assistants and staff were. They had questions after questions and all were answered with comforting words. After the visits the staff praised them for excellent behavior and rewarded them with an extra toy! Since then, I witness them brushing better just to make the assistants and the dentist proud when their next appointment arrives. The only thing I find they do wrong with is they do not treat adults.
-Jazlene A.

I love all three (Dr. Frank, Dr. Erika and Dr. Tierney). They are wonderful people who do what’s in best interest for our children. The office atmosphere is so nice for both the children and parents. I have multiple children and the front desk works so nicely to accommodate so they can be seen all at one time. LOVE them!
-Samantha G.

I recommend Dr. Pettinatos practice hands down. We’ve never had a bad experience. I started taking my son about eight years ago and now my daughter is seen there too. The entire office experience was amazing, not one negative thing to say.
-Jennifer T.

Dr. Pettinato’s office revolves completely around kids. The entire office has a kid theme. They have a waiting room with toys, video games and there is constantly a movie playing in every room. They have everything possible to make a child happy. It’s a fun place to go. At the end of the visits they give out tokens and a no cavity club picture. Those tokens can be used in the toy machines on the way out. Very cool!
-Laura R.

My children love going to Dr. Pettinato’s offices and have been patients for years. They have been treated by Drs. Tierney, Erika, and Frank, and all three are wonderful! I’ve referred tons of people over the years and everyone reports how great an experience their children had. The staff are amazing with kids. The front desk is great. The whole atmosphere at both offices is colorful, clean, and incredibly kid friendly. My children have no fear of the dentist, and actually look forward to going there. I wish I had this kind of experience as a child!
-Grace M.

Amazing place! I think my sons actually brush better just to get their “No Cavity Club” photo with all the characters on the walls. The staff and doctors are fantastic. I love the fact it is a family practice with the father and two daughters for dentists. They love all the toys, video game, and movies. The boys leave with a goody bag and toys each time. The staff and doctors are always cheerful and great with the kids. The kids are actually excited to go! Nothing but the best things to say about their offices! I really wish they would see adults too!!!
-Lana B.