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Children suffer from tooth decay and cavities, just like adults. Fortunately, the team at Pettinato Children's Dentistry in Wesley Chapel, Florida, provides expert pediatric dental care, including filling cavities with white tooth-colored material. We use state-of-the-art dental equipment and child-friendly sedation to ensure your child has the best possible experience while receiving a filling. If you need a pediatric dentist, call Pettinato Children's Dentistry or schedule a consultation online today.

Fillings Q & A

Why does my child need fillings?
Even with proper at-home dental hygiene, bacteria can eat through tooth enamel and cause a cavity. Children are just as susceptible to tooth decay as grown-ups, and fillings are an excellent option to remove the decay and seal the tooth against future damage.

Pettinato Children's Dentistry provides white fillings that match the color of your child’s natural tooth color, so the fillings blend in seamlessly.

What are the signs that my child has a cavity?
In many cases, there are no signs that your child has a cavity, and the decay is only identified during a routine dental exam. However, in some cases, your child might complain about a toothache or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

Dental checkups are the only way to identify cavities and other dental health issues accurately.

What happens when a child gets a filling?
The filling process for a child is similar to that of an adult. Your dentist at Pettinato Children's Dentistry takes special care to ensure that your child feels comfortable and confident. They explain the process using child-friendly language without making it sound painful or scary.

Your dentist begins by providing a child-friendly sedative, such as nitrous oxide, to help your child relax during the procedure. Then, they use a local anesthetic, like novocaine, to numb your child’s tooth and surrounding gums.

If your child is a little older, or a sedative isn’t needed, the dental team at Pettinato Children's Dentistry recommends loading your child’s favorite programs or music onto a tablet, so they don’t hear the drill and are distracted while she completes the filling.

When your child is relaxed, your dedicated dentist uses a small, specialized drill to remove the decayed tissue from your child’s tooth. They clean out the tooth, ensuring no decay or debris remain, before filling the tooth with a white, tooth-colored composite filling material.

Your child’s tooth may be a little sensitive after receiving a filling, but any tenderness should subside quickly.

If your child needs a filling, you can count on expert and gentle treatments at Pettinato Children's Dentistry.
Call the practice  at (813) 907-3100 or make an appointment online today for state-of-the-art pediatric dental care.

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