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Most cavities are treated by removing the decay with a dental drill and restoring the empty space with a durable composite resin filling. For very young children and pediatric patients with special needs who can’t sit through conventional cavity treatment, the team at Pettinato Children’s Dentistry offers silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatments to stop dental decay quickly, easily, and painlessly. Call their Wesley Chapel, Florida, office today, or click the online booking tool to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Silver DIamine Fluoride Q & A

What’s silver diamine fluoride?
Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an innovative topical antibiotic medicine used to arrest spots of dental decay and keep it from spreading. Also known as 38% SDF, this colorless liquid contains silver particles, fluoride, and other ingredients that help stop cavity progression as soon as it’s applied to your child’s enamel.

This painless, hassle-free cavity treatment can help young patients maintain good oral health while delaying or even avoiding the need for traditional fillings.

What are the benefits of silver diamine fluoride?
SDF offers immediate and easy cavity intervention. In fact, the team at Pettinato Children’s Dentistry can apply this special liquid as soon as they come across an active spot of decay in your child’s enamel.

Reapplying the solution every 6-12 months keeps the spot of decay permanently immobilized. Because this treatment is typically used on a child’s primary teeth (baby teeth), it can simply be reapplied to keep the tooth healthy until it falls out.

When is silver diamine fluoride a good option?
SDF is an ideal treatment solution for children who are too young to undergo traditional cavity repair in a cooperative manner; it’s also helpful for kids who can’t tolerate regular dental care because of an intellectual or developmental disability.

Who shouldn’t receive silver diamine fluoride?
SDF isn’t a good solution for kids with deep cavities that cause pain or tooth sensitivity. It also isn’t a viable option for children who are allergic to silver or have painful sores or raw areas on their gums or other soft tissues.

Will my child eventually require a filling?
Children who have a greater degree of decay may eventually need a regular filling or a dental crown, particularly if their cavity interferes with their bite function.

While SDF does an excellent job of stopping the progression of dental decay, it doesn’t remove decay or repair the area. The only way to restore normal aesthetics and function to any tooth with decay is through fillings and other traditional dental restorations.

When is fluoride a better option?
An in-office fluoride treatment can help reverse decay and restore healthy tooth enamel for cavities that are in their earliest. Much like SDF, fluoride is a quick, painless solution that’s applied directly to the spot of decay on your child’s tooth.

Studies show, however, that SDF is more effective at stopping the progression of cavities than fluoride treatments. These treatments help to prevent the spread of decay to nearby teeth.

To learn more about the benefits of SDF, call Pettinato Children’s Dentistry or schedule a visit online today.

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